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Julie Buttell

Co-Founder and Physical Therapist

  • Do you feel like your healthcare providers are operating in a silo?
  • Is poor communication between providers leading to different opinions on the cause of your symptoms and recommended treatments?
  • Are you unsure how you should handle your pain or injury?

Working as a team in healthcare is the key to getting an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment. Julie excels at diagnosing and treating clients with complex cases, and coordinates care with other healthcare providers.

Julie provides case management services for clients seeking information about how to best handle pain and injuries. She is educated about all options, including rehab, pain management, surgery, etc.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Julie continues to be the very best therapist she can be for her clients. She has balanced the art and science of physical therapy to drive results. Her clients exceed their goals preventing the recurrence of symptoms and further injury.

Julie sees profound success with patient recovery and overall performance improvements because of her belief that being the most educated, highly skilled clinician is not an option; it is a responsibility. This pushes her beyond providing your typical Physical Therapy.

    Julie utilizes a Neuro Orthopedic approach, which has been proven to be the most successful tool to improve performance. She believes everyone from professional athletes to the aging adult can benefit from better mobility.

    Julie created the ProActive Physical Health program, a comprehensive yearly physical exam.

    Physical health, including balance, grip strength, agility, mobility, and strength, are now considered the top indicators of longevity.

    CLICK HERE to learn more about getting your yearly physical exam and see how you compare to the norms for your age and gender. This exam will guide your physical activity for the next year, assuring you aren’t wasting your time at the gym!

    Julie Specializes In:

    • Diagnosis and treatment of complex orthopedic cases
    • Performance enhancement at all levels
    • Education and Case management
    • Julie also commits countless hours helping other Physical Therapists reach their highest potential.

    Her efforts include:

    • Director of Education & Clinical Mentorship at Empower Physical Therapy
    • Co-Creator and Instructor: A Neuro-Orthopedic approach to physical therapy and performance

    Get to know Julie:

    Julie is from Tennessee and grew up in Memphis. This contributes to her love for cooking, especially her family’s homemade ravioli and gravy recipes. One of her most fond memories included summers spent at a camp in Nashville. In fact, one of her daughters, Ellie, attends the same camp each year!

    When Julie is not working, you can find her reading, listening to podcasts, or spending time with her two daughters, Claire and Ellie. She also loves most things outdoors, including cycling, camping, hiking, and taking walks with her dogs Nash and K.C. Her personal accomplishments include the MS 150, Sea Otter Classic bike tour in California, and the Sedalia duathlon.

    In the future, Julie would like to go to Italy and travel for a few months. If you have any recommendations, let her know!

    Julie’s Bio:

    • B.A. Rockhurst University, 1998
    • M.P.T. Rockhurst University, 2000
    • Certificate of Women’s Health Studies, 2002
    • Neuro-Orthopedic One Year Residency, 2004
    • Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist, IAOM-US, 2012
    • Honoree of the 2014 Ingram’s Magazine Healthcare Hero Award
    • Co-Author: Integrative Medical Nutritional Therapy: Principles and Practices. The Immune Response of Physical Inactivity. 2018
    • Director and Creator of the ProActive Physical Health Program, 2018.

    Physical Therapy
    Neuromuscular Re-education
    Vestibular Therapy
    Therapeutic Exercise
    Manual Therapy
    Joint Mobilization

    Core Training
    Blood Flow Restriction
    Physical Therapy for Dancers
    Shockwave Therapy
    Dry Needling